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  • AB Capital International Limited serves the investment needs of institutions, governments, and government agencies.
    Our understanding of local economies, industries, and cultures helps us develop global relationships over time, helping us in our objective of delivering what clients want most: access to a wide range of investment opportunities, consistent, risk-adjusted performance,  and solid, consistent returns over time.
    We deliver investment solutions through a multi-product platform that benefit the clients.
    We partner with our clients to ensure that they have access to resources they need.
  • Corporate turnaround and debt restructuring
    We serve the private financing needs of growing and/or troubled companies.  We maintain strong contacts with key sectors of the investment community, including insurance companies, pension and trust funds, mezzanine fund, venture capital funds, leverage buy-out fund, and strategic equit
  • Management Services
    We also provide hands-on management services aimed at achieving operational turn-around for troubled companies.  The synergy of our management, legal and financial experts ensures that our clients’ needs and concerns are comprehensively and carefully addressed


  • AB Capital International Limited provides investment advisory and finansial planning sevices and offer investment product, primarily through separately managed accounts and commingled vehicles, such as mutual funds and private investment funds.
    • Our services across all major asset classes to a diverse group of institutions and individuals, and provide prime financing services and securities lending services to institutional clients, including hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds and foundations, and to high-net-worth individuals.
    • We emphasize the pursuit of measured asset growth, consistent with internal resources and the availability of quality hedge fund capacity.
    • Our fund management is composed of a dedicated investment team that is devoted to investing the fund, and an investment committee that is actively involved in the deal sourcing, due diligence, and commitment effort.
    • Our team has the expertise required to invest and manage in infrastructure and privatisation investments encompassing project finance, regulation, banking, tax, risk management and an understanding of the infrastructure sector's value drivers.
    • In addition, our team have extensive networks in equity markets, investment banking, commercial banking, governments, legal and accounting firms, and the construction and engineering industries. These networks assist the firm to clearly identify and comprehensively assess potential investments
  • AB Capital International Limited provides full services in corporate finance which enable clients to develop a broad perspective on financial and business aspect which ultimately will drive shareholder value.
    • We advise clients on merger & acquisition. Before contacting an investment banker, clients may retain us to help evaluate strategic alternatives, devise sensible deal structures, identify potential sources of synergy and operating exposure, and anticipate impact on share value. In addition, we will assist the company in obtaining financing.
    • We  act as financial advisors in packaging and execution of transactions involving financial restructuring, structure and project finance, mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, privatizations,  and management buyouts.
    • We also have extensive experiences in debt advisory services. Our strength lies in the extensive exposure of packaging and execution of transactions involving local and international players.
    • AB Capital Iinternational Limited provides the investment community with direct access to infrastructure assets such as tollroads, seaports, gas and electricity transmission, and timber.
  • We provide a full range of investment banking services. We provide deal pricing, structuring, and negotiation services to clients, including :
    • Development of merger & acquisition strategies and criteria.
    • Identification and assessment of merger/acquisition candidates.
    • Due diligence analysis of individual targets.
    • Preparation of business/securities offering memorandum.
    • Preperation of debt financing memorandum.
    • Private placement of debt and equity securities.
    • Representation of buyer or seller in business brokerage.
    • Negotiation of deal pricing, terms, and conditions.
    • Deal structuring and securities design.
    • Refinancing debt.
  • AB Capital International Limited provide strategic business advisory services to help clients obtain measurable performance improvement. We focus on business strategy solution that could reflect our client’s strategic objectives and goals. Our advice will never compromise with short-term solutions that improve performance in one area, at the expense of overall success.
    • Our philosophy is to partner with our clients in order to articulate and implement a long-term strategy that responds to changes in our client organisation's products, markets, and competitors.
    • Our team can assist in preparing the overall corporate strategy , which extends to marketing and promotional strategy, financial strategy, operational strategy, and organisation strategy.
    • We can also help clients to achieve the optimal corporate structure through an independent financial review and corporate and financial restructuring exercise.
    • Our strategic advisory team assists clients in developing a business planning process that is based on the organisation's mission, vision, and strategic objectives. The strategic analysis also  includes feasibility study with details of financial projections, position analysis, market description, business description.
  • Our goal in assisting clients is not simply to complete the deal, but more than that, our objective is to provide impartial, unbiased analysis, and value-added advice to our clients.
  • Business Valuation.
    • Acquisition and disposal.
    • Synergy assessment – timing and value.
    • Taxation and accounting  (business/asset transfer values).
    • Buy-out of joint venture partnership.
    • Determine post merger shareholdings.
    • Revaluation of investment carrying values.
    • Valuation of debt for acquisition or restructuring.
    • Litigation.
  • As an independent business valuation expert, we provide business value advisory services, including :
    • Valuations of closely held businesses (including closely held corporations, general and limited partnerships, and limited liability companies)..
    • Valuations of securities and fractional business interests..
    • Valuations of illiquid debt and equity securities (including restricted stock of public corporations).
    • Valuations of thinly traded stock of publicly listed corporations.
    • Valuations of stock options, warrants, grants, and rights.
    • Valuations of intangible assets and intellectual properties.
  • Fairness Opinion.
    • Part of the framework for investor protection.
    • Conflicts of interest.
    • Material transactions voluntary request.
    • Lack of agreement amongst directors and commissioners.
    • A company’s internal risk management procedures.
  • Our firm understands these valuation services for every conceivable type of client and client motivation. These client motivations include transaction, taxation, litigation, financing, financial reporting, and strategic planning needs.
  • We also provide valuation advisory opinion services, including :
    • Transactional fairness opinions.
    • Transactional solvency opinions.
    • Insolvency opinions for bankruptcy and taxation purposes.
    • Transactional adequate consideration opinions.
    • Opinions for fiduciaries regarding alternative investment decisions.
    • Employee stock ownership plan feasibility opinions.
    • Multi-investor equity allocation issues.
    • Merger security exchange ratio opinions.
    • Equity /asset allocation opinions related to business and professional practice formations.
  • Shareholder value Services.
    • We help clients understand the value of their business and assess whether strategies  such as an acquisition or expansion will enhance value.
    • The sorts of questions we are most often asked :
      • What is the overall value of our business and what is the value of it's constituent parts?
      • What parts of the business are generating positive or negative returns?
      • What is the optimal capital structure for our organisation?
      • Should we build or buy?
      • What deals make sense?